Our Team


Sebastien Chabot

Managing Partner and Founder

Sebastien graduated from McGill University as a Chemical Engineer in 2001 and received the Derivative Market Specialist designation from the Canadian Security Institute in 2006. He then studied Contracts Law, Finance, Negotiation and International Oil Price Risk Management.

Sebastien brings over 20 years of experience from three levels of the oil and gas industry: Engineering, physical/financial trading and business development. He worked in Canada, USA, France and Switzerland.

In the past decade, he executed various business development agreements estimated in excess of 1 billion CAD. In 2016, Sebastien was seconded to Hitachi Global Solutions for a 12 month period to lead the development of a proprietary trading software and managed 6 developers based in USA and India. As a physical trader, between 2017 and 2022, he was responsible for transacting a combined 120,000 barrels per day of crude oil and refined products representing an economic flow of half a billion CAD per month.

His vision for TTG has created a fertile ground for talent by leveraging his extensive network in academia, private capital and technology infrastructure. His key focus is to create a capital management platform by constantly systematizing & optimizing processes. He cares deeply about all the people inside and outside of his organization which has fueled his interest in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and his involvement in the Isha Foundation.

Arthur Ciochon

Market Analyst

Arthur held roles in corporate finance at a local software company and as an analyst at a private wealth management firm where he performed financial analysis, portfolio management and securities trading. Arthur has a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in finance from the University of Calgary and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Arthur enjoys fitness, hiking, reading and travelling.

Jason Small

Programmer & Technician

Jason has worked in the Information Technology field for the past 20 years and has been a computer hobbyist for close to 30. Throughout his career he has designed, developed, implemented and maintained a wide variety of software, hardware and web solutions. Jason lives and breaths code and finds the field both exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Brian Wolkowski

Market Analyst

Brian is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering and Finance dual degree student at the
University of Calgary. He is excited to learn about practical Fintech systems whilst
applying data management and engineering design principles.

Pascal Tremblay

Back Office & Tech. Analyst

Pascal has made his duty to align his actions, both personal and professional, to put humans at the center of his concerns. Through his very diverse life experiences and his role as a father, he has developed an ability to adapt to a multitude of situations. Through his various careers, he has developed solid skills in customer service, mastery of various production environments, administrative tasks, drafting of procedures, technical support and process improvement.

Cindy Sy

Entry Level IS Analyst

Cindy is a 3rd year Computer Science student with a concentration in Software Engineering. She is extremely passionate about technology and actively engages in extracurricular activities to foster her interest in cybersecurity. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new food places, playing RPG games, and baking. She also has a minor in Japanese studies.

Mohammad Reza Mahdiani

Full-Stack Software Developer

Reza, an accomplished developer armed with a Ph.D. in Engineering, possesses an extensive software development portfolio. Excelling in front-end, back-end, and embedded systems, he exhibits remarkable versatility. With a proven history of impactful contributions spanning various sectors, Reza eagerly embraces challenges. His proactive approach to problem-solving, honed over a decade, empowers the creation of efficient and innovative solutions.


UBC Capstone Students

Team 49 - Team Photo - croppedTeam 48 - Team Photo - croppedTeam 50 - Picture - cropped
Invoicing Team

The UBCCap-49 Invoicing team consists of Bhairaw Aryan, Zixuan Pei, Chunhao Zhu, Claris Paz, and Alina Shabanova, who are in their last year of Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia. They will be working on creating an Automated Invoice Processing Application for their 4th year Capstone Project. The team is excited to learn more about task automation and software development

HistoData Team

The UBCCap-48 HistoData team consists of Declan Byrne, Michele Mai, James Chuang, Simon Xia, and Huayi Tian (left to right). They are all Computer Engineering students at the University of British Columbia. As part of their capstone project, they are working with TTG to develop software for improving analysis of historical market data.  They are excited to be a part of this project and look forward to helping TTG while also further improving their own skills.

Onboarding Team

The UBCCap-50 Talent Acquisition team consists of Harshil Patel, Jason Li, Sara Mohamed, Jason Li, Chris Lee, and Ritam Singal (left to right). They are all final year Computer Engineering students at the University of British Columbia. They are working on creating a talent acquisition platform to automate the hiring process and make it more efficient. They are excited to be working with TTG and look forward to learning more about software development.