Tartigrade (TTG) is an established oil marketing firm, supported by advanced financial and software capabilities.

Physical Oil Marketing

TTG's core focus is acting as a broker / counterparty to facilitate Oil Marketing transactions between producers, midstream exporters, and end-users. The team has 20+ years of cumulative trading experience, with exposure to leading marketing practices internationally. TTG's focus is within Calgary, trading Alberta bitumen - supported by a strong local network.

Proprietary Software

Software suite supporting oil marketing activities, including: market data, invoicing, counterparty onboarding, ETRM, credit, scheduling, and weight scale automation.

Financial Trading

Futures, FX & options trading activities to hedge and manage oil marketing risk, leveraging specialized algorithms and hardware.

About Us

Incorporated in 2021, Tartigrade Ltd. (TTG) is a privately held family office that utilizes advanced mathematical models integrated with customized hardware and software technologies to generate long term value.

Our company is proudly named after a micro-animal ‘Tardigrade’, because of its resilience and its ability to survive extreme conditions that would normally kill off other existing life forms on earth. It is fitting for our company's motto since we design investment strategies that not only survive in normal conditions but thrive in extreme market conditions. While studying the etymology of the word tardigrade, we felt uneasy about the prefix tardi, as it means "late" or "slow" in Italian. With just a swap of letters replacing the "d" with "t", we chose to settle for Tar"t"igrade Ltd., while preserving its original meaning. We surely share many of the animal's fine features, but slow is not one of them.

At Tartigrade, long-term and enduring success is founded based on our talented people who define our culture, live our values and achieve our purposes.

Investment Strategy

Tartigrade is using advanced mathematical models and various hardware & software technologies to identify arbitrage, volatility as an asset class and convex return opportunities in organized financial markets. We are building a series of investment products to assist generate return and hedge against systemic market risks or add convexity to our existing portfolio of assets.

TTG has a unique line of strategies that are designed to adapt and handle market fluctuation and extreme market conditions.

Our multi-strategies approach generates a steady stream of income while helping other market participants to enter/exit positions at a more efficient price.